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Ready to have the time of your life, in one of the most beautiful educational enrichment experiences online. Welcome to Legacy Arts Studio, a unique studio we cater to different performing arts training & fitness training. 

Our Mission: To inspire children to dream, explore, think, and connect through imaginative storytelling onstage and in the classroom. Our adults to help customers become healthier versions of themselves on a fitness regiment or a fun Immersive atmosphere with our expert advice so that they can live more active and fulfilled lives in their community. 

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience, consider spending it here with us. 

*Due to COVID-19, 2020 crisis; I’ve transfer all my current classes to online services.

For Additional Free weekly 30 mins- live classes sign up at all my (3) social media platforms & messages me below. 

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Who We Are


Tatiana H.Green

Program Director, Dance Educator &  Choreographer 

Tatiana H. Green, Harlem native has been Educating in the Art of Dance in public, private & company schools for over 15-20 years. Performing professionally Off-Broadway for 8yrs has passionately sharing & inspiring young artist into Performing Arts by introducing in dance education for specialized high schools & college’s. 
Born in raised in Harlem, NYC Tatiana’s makes sure that all programs and activities are both safe and a whole lot of fun. Tatiana has the understanding and leadership skills necessary for the job as well as the upbeat attitude we all love at camp. She understands the Importance for Educating within the arts in the inner-city youth & communities, she says “give a kid a dream & watch them a create a miracle and fly.” 

Dance Training 
2008-2017 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater AIE Educator & AILEYCAMP FOR NY & NJ. 2010; Adelphi University Degree in w/ BFA in Dance. 2008; Jennifer Miller Dance Company. 2005-14; Flamenco Latino Dance Company. 2005; Talented Unlimited HS majors in Dance. 2003; Ballet Hispanio. 1999 Uptown Dance Academy 

Professional Credits: 2019 Head Over Heels: 2019; Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin: Emily/ Singer-Dancer/ Dance Captain. 2018: Memphis, John W. Engeman Theater.

2014- 2015 regional; Memphis & Elf The Musical at Arkansas Rep. Theater


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For Additional Free weekly 30 mins live classes sign up at all my social media. 
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Babies and Yoga

Introducing Our New Program: Dance Sing & Story-time Play w/ My Parent & Me & Yoga w/ Mommy or Daddy & Me

Saturday Arts Enrichment exploring Dance, Song & Story-time Play. We specialize in early childcare development in arts education in studio facilities, schools & community center. Our goals are to improve children’s Strengths, Mobility, Flexibility, Musical Ear & Technique in Basic Dance. 

Beginner and intermediate Basic Yoga with an parent and child is great way to bond & mold a healthier lifestyle for the family.   

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Registration for Camp Is Now Open

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Open Next Session for Group & Personal Training

Keep up your Fitness Goals & Dance Training with me during Spring’20/ Summer’20/ Fall- winter 2020-22.