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Most unforgettable summer camp experiences

Updated: May 1, 2021

Jazz Artist, Ms.Tatiana worked for Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre:

Teacher Ms.Tatiana fiercely, dedicated & intensely shared her passion for dance. She expected us to do our best & always encouraged with her positive word and smile. She never doubted our abilities in becoming phenomena dance artists. Her training give us the opportunity to achieve our dreams, getting into specialized performing arts high schools & also get in professional dance programs like Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre; early development program enrichment for students our age. Our dreams became Reality, now we’re walk in our greatest potential & the world can see us, Newark’s Kids boldly today.

“We’ll so glad she opening her own arts company. You’ll see how she transforms lives for the better, you‘ll be able to walk into your greatness too!.”

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